Financial Support In Return for Ad-Free Content

With over 60 billion words processed daily, this web site needs significant finances to cover bandwidth, rack space and server maintenance fees. Our main site is supported by sponsor advertising, which allows it to be offered free of charge. However, we realize that ads can be intrusive and can also slow down responsiveness.

We thus offer our Members Area for those who wish to contribute funds in exchange for better performance and extra features. In return for monthly support of less than the cost of a beverage at most restaurants, the members area offers all functions of the main site but with sponsor advertising removed.

In addition, the Members Area also offers special word finder options such as sidebar tools that are compact, respond very quickly and can be placed to the side of a game panel. It's easier to explain with a live example, so please try a free UK Sidebar Tool to see how it works.

After trying the free sidebar, please browse through the rest of the members area to see how it works. Keep in mind that the member search results are password protected if you try any member word finder searches. You'll be prompted to log into the system instead of seeing search results if you're not yet a member.

For membership information, see enrollment details or you may also send us an inquiry for further information.