A2z Word Finder for Scrabble and Words with Friends

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  • Basic Info - As you can see by the various search options available, multiple dictionaries and help for the Scrabble Game are supported by our word finder site. Visit the links below each search input area to play online word building games, and just keep this site window open to search for words during play. As a courtesy, make sure to tell human opponents you're using A2zWordfinder while building up your dictionary skills.
  • Search Basics - Type in letters from your rack into the 'Rack:' field & press 'Find Words' button to get results sorted by score shown here. Use lowercase unless you want to force certain uppercase letters to be used.
  • Required Letters - When you want to specify that certain letters must be in any matching words returned, you can use Upper-Case Letters to force them into the results. Any letters typed into the Rack: field that are capitalized will thus be required to exist in the matching results.  For example- if your letters contained "TaBea", then you would find "tab", "bat", "bet", and "abate" which all have t and b, but not "tea" since it does not contain the required letter "b".
  • Blank Tiles - Use the '#' character for blank tiles. With blanks, it will perform wildcard searches and highlight letters in red where the blank(s) should be placed.
  • Pattern Matching - If you want to build your new word using parts of other words already on the board, you can type in the pattern of letters and empty spaces from the game board into the 'Board:' field.   Input the '?' character for empty spaces on the board to try fitting across open rows or columns.