A2zWords Anagram Solver Instructions
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  • Basic Info - This anagram solver finds all hidden words in a group of letters or phrase that you input. As you can see by the search options available above, multiple dictionaries are supported and you can sort by length or alphabetically. Just keep this site window open to search for words during online play. As a courtesy for fellow players, please make sure to tell any human opponents you're using the solver while building up your word skills.
  • Search Basics - Type in a set of scrambled letters or a word phrase into the 'Letters:' field & press the 'Go' button to get anagram results shown here in this area.
  • Minimum Length - When you want the word search results to be of a certain length or larger, just pick that value as a lower limit filter on the results. If you want to only find words that use all supplied letters, just set the minimum length equal to the total number of letters. For instance to solve a Jumble puzzle, set the min. length to 7 for the letter group "aeehrst" in order to find words that use all of these letters (aethers, heaters, reheats).
  • Sort Options - The anagram solver results can be sorted either by word length or alphabetically. Just select the option you want to use and the word finder will adjust the output accordingly.
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