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A2z WordFinder is a wordfinder for the Scrabble (R) Game, Jamble helper, Literati® word finder and WordOx® word generator. It helps find highest score words for playing the Scrabble (R) Game in various languages and from multiple dictionary sources. Perform lookup searches using the Find Word buttons in the sections below with results returned in the center instructions area.
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It's easy- try some examples below, then replace the initial letters with your own to use the wordfinder. Visit the title links for even more detailed options. This wordfinder is meant to help build your vocabulary against practice robots such as those below.
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American Dictionary
(Official Clubs/Tourneys...)
Rack: Board:
( ? )
Literati® WordFinder
Force 'H' & 'T' in results
Rack: Board:
( ? )
(Free Multiplayer Literati...)
Jamble® WordFinder
Build onto 'ba?t' On Board
Rack: Board:
( ? )
(Free Multiplayer Jamble...)
WordOx® WordFinder
Build onto 't??t' On Board
Rack: Board:
( ? )
(Free Multiplayer WordOx...)
International Dictionary
Input Blank Tiles as "#"
Rack: Board:
( ? )
British Dictionary
Build onto 'top' w/blank
Rack: Board:
( ? )
(Free Games: #1 #2)
More Dictionaries for the Scrabble (R) Game
French Games Dictionary
Italian Games Dictionary
Romanian Games Dictionary
Spanish Games Dictionary

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